I am going to begin, with a big fat confession. Being a Life Coach many people think I must have ‘it’ all together. Not so. I’ve been going through a difficult time emotionally. I get discouraged, depressed, and have pity parties for myself during the first month or two every year. Each year I think, ‘Nope, not this year. I’ve got this. I’m going to rock this.’ And I was positive that is how this year was going to begin. However . . . the universe had something else in mind.

In January I had big plans. Getting my website completed. Writing articles for a blog. Write more for my book. (Yup. Anyone that knows me . . . I am actually ‘working’ on a book.) Help my parents who are aging and going through lots of changes in their lives. Improve my marriage. Visit my children and grandchildren. Focus on personal goals. And on. And on. And on! These are the things that have been rattling around in my head. Is it any wonder that I feel a little overwhelmed?

Now, I think that I may not be the only one going through these types of feelings. Often, we may feel depressed thinking about the past; our sorrows or hardships or what we consider to be failures. In fact, last week I was confident that I was not making my life work and never would and I was hopeless. The craziest thing was when I looked at my journal entries from the beginning of last year, almost to the very day I wrote many of the same things that I am writing this year. Hmmmm.  I Female in plaid shirt writing in a notebookthought to myself,  ‘Here are things I found myself writing a year ago and I am reminded of how I got through the challenges before and how I can repeat what worked for me then.’ (To me this is one of the rewards of journaling.)



Many times we think that the hard times will break us, and there have certainly been times I felt that way, but what I have learned and relearn and relearn is that I get through the painful stuff. I’ve gotten through difficulties that I was certain that I wasn’t going to make it through. And you can too! Here’s the thing: either I get through it or . . . what?  What other choice is there? Am I going to live my life in a pity party? Am I going to play the martyr? Stay in bed all day? NO! What I am going to do is remember that my track record for getting through difficult times is 100%. Each day I will decide again and again that I am going to make it.

Although I may feel discouraged or depressed, there is no truth in that. Those feelings are temporary. So, if you are feeling discouraged about your life, remember that your track record is also 100% and you’ll make it through this tough time!

“Grab Hold of Life With Both Hands.”

Who’s With Me?

Rita Young



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