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The men and women I serve as a life coach are ready. Ready to grab hold of their life. Ready to move with confidence to create what you desire for yourself. They know they have a greater potential, but they also have some doubts. They are eager to make some big changes, but they are not sure how or where to begin. They respond to gentle honesty and some hard truths, but mostly they are ready to dig deep into themselves to uncover their hidden gifts. They have untapped strengths and are ready to live their life to its fullest potential. Those are my people, in coaching and in life.

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Violence / Trauma



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Self Esteem

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Are You Willing To Change?

Rita Young

True change is often difficult. If you are like many people you may be feeling trapped, unhappy and hopeless. Although you know you want a change in your life you have no idea how to create that change. Having a dream or purpose, freedom, peace seems like a story book or something others have but you cannot reach. I can help you to understand what is holding you back, define your real goals and guide you to the life you are yearning for.

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“Believe me when I say my life has not been a walk down a rosy lane. Far from it. However, I learned how to use these challenges to learn and grow. I also learned that the trials that I faced are the same that many others deal with. I’ll ask you what I asked myself. What happened to your dreams, your joy, your hopes? We can work together to find and develop them so they are clearer and a rock solid part of your life.”

Trauma, Loss, and Life Challenges Specialist

Rita’s suffering led to discovery — the discovery of her true self — and now she wants to help you discover your true self. The self that is fearless, joyful and full of love. With Rita’s knowledge and skill, she will guide you to gain the strength to take those first uncertain steps to begin your journey to peace and purpose. Rita’s abilities with the ClarityPoint program and as a Proctor Gallagher consultant will shine a light into the darkness that surrounds you and replaces your despair with hope. The path will open before you, unlocking your heart and your mind to the discovery of who you are at your core.

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