In the past, I have worried and been afraid about so many things that it seemed that my life was focused on what bad things could happen instead of the many things of feeling grateful for all the good things happening in my life.

Worry is born of fear, Kim Giles, in her book Choosing Clarity, , says,” there are two core fears we feel in our life.

First is the fear that we might not be good enough. ”Growing up we may have heard messages like, “Don’t do that!” “Can’t you just sit still?” “Stop crying.” Or, in my case . . . “Don’t talk so loud.” Without intending to we got the message, in many different ways, that who we are isn’t good enough.

The second fear that Kim Giles addresses is the fear that your life isn’t going to be good enough. This fear includes things like the loss of security, control, money, reputation, respect, validation from raising our children well. When discussing these fears many people say, ‘No, I’m not afraid.’ ‘Nope, not me.’ I’ve said it myself. Then I ask myself, “Am I so afraid of fear that I won’t acknowledge” that I have any?

Like many parents, there have been times that I attached my personal value to my children’s behavior. This is not a wise way for us to live and it does nothing to empower our children to find their own path for their lives.  I have had the absolute delight (except when I was terrified with fear) of raising three boys. As they went through their teens I knew that they needed to be able to live their lives without having me hovering over them. This could be terrifying. However, more often than not they would arrive home all in one piece and completely unaware that I was exhausted from the fear and worry I felt for them.

My mother taught me to adopt the phrase, ‘No news is good news.” God is with me and my children. God, the Universe, and my internal knowing will take care of me. Trust that I can handle it, no matter what “it” and this has relieved much of my fear and worry. If you feel the ability to handle whatever life throws your way you can feel release from fear and worry as well. How do we learn we can handle whatever happens? We go ahead and handle things. Every day of our lives we handle things both big and small and, by handling these things, we realize that we handle whatever comes our way.


Worry is like praying for something you don’t want (anonymous)